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~Our Lady Of Sorrows~

~On September 15th, 2010, the Feast of Our Lady Of Sorrows, I have written this prayer to honor Mother Mary, on this special day.
I am touched by the sorrows she had to endure all her life, starting at the tender age of fifteen, when the Angel came to her to ask if she would accept to become the Mother of Jesus.
Her response was YES!
She had more than her share of sorrows indeed.
She carried it all so bravely and with total faith, for, I can only imagine how an immense responsibility it must have been to raise the Son of GOD!
This prayer is for You Mother Mary!~

I have created its background during Lent and am adding it 

in honor of Mother Mary during Her "agony" of seeing Her sinless SON being Crucified!~




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~I scanned / saved some graphic frames from very old Annals I have, in black and white that I colorized, in some pages in this Prayers site.  I also saved some graphics taken from Google Images.  If I am not honoring the owner's copyright please let me know.  Thank you.~