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~Being Overwhelmed Prayer~

~I  have looked in my prayer books, and searched online, to find a prayer to help when I am in an overwhelming time in my life,
so I can pray to God for help feeling I will be heard using such prayer.
I have not found any such prayer.
Today, I asked the Holy Spirit to guide me to write such a prayer that will help me put all my trust in God when that time comes again in my life.
I wrote this prayer as a "Shoulder to cry on" prayer, God's.
For we all know that when we are overwhelmed with something, there is no human being person who can help us like God /PAPA DIEU can.
So, I put my trust in the Holy Spirit this afternoon and this is what came on paper, that came from the bottom of my heart.
For this is what I am feeling when such a time arrives in my life.
Pray this prayer by giving God all your feelings, add to this prayer, add your personal feelings, name some names, name situations, name the pain you are feeling, especially where it is written: "I feel so alone"!
I pray that the Holy Spirit will overshadow all the overwhelming feelings that brings you down, and that you will see a quick end to your suffering and that only PEACE will reign!~  



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